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If thats a BIG yes then you have come to the right place. 

Ive been working with hundreds of women using POWERFUL and FAST techniques to create more CONFIDENCE, SELF LOVE and SELF ACCEPTANCE. 

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My name is Teddi Emerald and I’m passionate about being a facilitator for transformation!        

Not long ago I would have asked, “What does that even mean?”


Good question!

Its about creating a whole new way of being  ….

RECREATING the inner world, the way you think and feel about yourself and your place in the world. 

How do I do this ?

Using ancient wisdoms combined with modern twist, one of the many ways being EFT or Tapping.

 You can learn more about tapping by watching the video below.

Whatever problems you currently experience in life can usually be traced back to a painful event or limiting decision that you made when you were younger. Crazy right ? You wouldn’t guess it but then again…

The reason why this isn’t obvious to most people is that we usually make these decisions unconsciously, meaning that we mostly don’t even know about them!

Thats right ! You dont even KNOW about them! 

So you can quit beating your self up about ” not having changed already EVEN though you know better” 

Often your painfully persistent patterns – maybe your struggling to find and keep a great relationship , or you never get what you want the job / life goals etc, or you find it hard to make ends meet financially – these indicate those life lessons (beliefs) that you learnt when you were younger;  beliefs like ‘Im not good enough’, ‘I don’t deserve what I want’ or ‘Money is hard to come by’ are in full force.

Even if there is no obvious correlation or you don’t know what the limiting belief is – maybe you had a wonderful childhood and there seems to be no reason why you are chronically ill, or perpetually overweight, or depressed, or anxious –

The great news is Matrix + EFT / Tapping can help you to change the underlying cause for your current symptoms, this method is the most powerful fast method of transformation I have found and Im so happy to support so many in transforming their lives.

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Ready to feel confident to shake what your mumma gave ya with the lights on ??

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Your Personal Healing Journey starts here. Ready to rock your inner critic and self doubts. Break out of being stuck and a shadow of who you truly are …to radiating from the inside out, confidently expressing yourself, taking action on your dreams!



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