Looking to work with Teddi? Here are just a few testimonials Teddi has received recently from happy tappers ….

“Teddi! I just wanted you to know that you’re program Confidence of a Queen was a catalyst for soooooo much change, growth and expansion for me! I honestly hit rock bottom during that time but it was so perfect so so perfect. I had a dream that described it very beautifully. I don’t know if you’ve ever been to a condemned house, where the roof has caved in and the floors are spongey and scary to walk on cause you might fall through. That was my life. Very unstable foundation. I had to rip it all down to start from scratch. To build a solid ass foundation! Anyway, my life just started dramatically shifting and literally everything is falling into place and I feel in such alignment with my path and mission! I just wanted to express gratitude! Ive got my website up and going and now doing what I love teaching art classes. Thank you so much”

Artist, Dallas

“I was pretty unsure as of what to expect when I signed up for Confidence of a Queen program with Teddi but I decided to invest this time and energy on myself and I am so glad that I did! Teddi has a silent power and strength that you get to see the more you work with her. She is incredibly generous and giving with her knowledge and truly wants to help people through this amazing work. I was so amazed with how deep I went in questioning my ideas of beauty and what I expose myself to. Each week Teddi provided really helpful exercises and guidance and before I knew it the course was complete! I feel like the work we did in those four weeks will continue to grow in all parts of my life as I use these new tools. Almost a month out and I can’t believe how different I feel about expressing myself and being strong and powerful in who I am. I look forward to continuing working with Teddi and am very excited about this new way of being that I’ve been so gently and beautifully ushered into with her teachings. Thank you so much Teddi!”

Musician, Pennsylvania

“Tapping was hugely instrumental in recovery from trauma of the early stages of my spiritual growth and personal development. I had a life changing event happen a few months prior, and I was ready to try anything that might offer some help in my new path.

We met once via Skype and I could not have hoped for a better practitioner. Teddi is kind, loving, gentle, supportive, welcoming, and without judgment. She made space for me to feel, to have the experience of trauma and the experience of the healing which came almost immediately. She was intentional in how she guided me through, leading me never pushing. I had a tremendous amount of emotional release, which usually would put me in a 48 hour minimum “emotional hangover”, sadness, exhaustion, fatigue, lethargy. Yet after one session I felt none of these. Instead I felt lighter, inspired, invigorated. These feelings lasted about a week before I returned to my baseline.

It was overwhelming that something so seemingly simple and noninvasive could produce such dramatic results for me. I had spent years in therapy and on a number of varied medications. None of these did what Teddi’s tapping did for me. It started a rewriting of my brain how I could view events from my past, changing them from feeling like a victim into feelings of gratitude and self love.

I was fortunate to do more tapping with Teddi in person. Her warmth and overwhelming loving energy is transformative. I had a lesser release of emotions than the first time which I attribute to the healing process having already moving forward, still they were no less powerful. If anything I felt a large amount of momentum in my healing process. I am so thankful for Teddi’s caring nature and how she worked with me through tapping. It’s a beautiful gift that she shares with others, I’m grateful to have had her share tapping with me.

I would recommend this to anyone who hears their intuition, their instinct, that little voice or that gut feeling that it’s time to do some healing work. Whatever that means to each individual, whatever that looks like to them; my experience is that Teddi will meet someone where they are, and help them move forward.”

Wren Gray

Artist, USA

“The personal healing program with Teddy transformed me so much the first time around that I had to do it again! I broke so so so many inner boundaries and saw myself flourish and accomplish things I literally never thought I would. From not being able to finish one painting to finishing so many and hosting my own independent art exhibition! I also now have the courage to change my life course and head off to Hawaii by the end of this year. Not only that, but the love I have for myself finally fulfils me and its grows every day! There are so many limiting beliefs I had starting out on this journey that now sound silly to have even had in the first place, that’s how much I changed!
Im so grateful to of taken the leap to work with Teddi and cannot recommend her enough!”

Artist, Dubai

“I was feeling overwhelmed with emotions regarding my marriage and the difficulties we had been facing. I felt that a lot of our issues stemmed from my partners behaviours rather than my reactions or thoughts towards his behaviours.

I realised that the way i feel about my partners behaviours or the way I allow them to make me feel is due to beliefs I have about myself obtained in childhood. I realised that I am in control of the way i feel and the way I think about things and that I cant blame my partner for me feeling this way. I realised I place a lot of emphasis on my relationships with my partners to fill a void I have had since childhood and that this void is in accurate and is not serving me in life. I am trying to me more understanding towards my partner and am realising that he is dealing with his own struggles in life and that his actions are not a direct representation of his love for me.

Teddi is a kindhearted and genuine woman who makes you feel comfortable and supported in your healing journey with her. She is relatable and empathetic and guides you with kindness through the transitions of releasing and changing old habits that are not serving you in life.
I would recommend her to anyone going through tough times.”


Chiropractor, New Zealand

“Teddi is a true angel. Her energy is warm and inviting, while her presence creates a safe space to share work on healing and releasing. She has a genuine passion for helping others that shines though in her tapping work. I wasn’t sure this method would help but after our session I immediately felt calmer and lighter, a new wave of energy had washed over me.  

Prior to working with her I was experiencing bouts of anxiousness, doubt, and falling into patterns of fear and lack. I was in a constant battle with my mindset. Instead of me owning my power – my emotions were getting the best of me daily.   

I would recommend anyone who is in need of a powerful transformation and looking to heal. With the help of Teddi I have reshaped past hurts changed my beliefs and mended childhood traumas. She doesn’t just help in giving you confidence but in giving you the tools to continue to transform your energy. As a result I feel more confident in letting my true self shine! 

Britt Diamond

Artist, USA

“I really find tapping an amazing tool and also necessity in this day and age. In order to grow and let go of unnecessary stresses. And it’s incredible how many stresses from the past you are not aware of that are blocking your self-development and growth in the present. Teddy is a natural when it comes to tapping. She is easy to talk to and extremely passionate about EFT which makes her get in there and find those unwanted stresses ASAP. And stress being one of the number one causes of cancer! It is really important to work through these blockages. I couldn’t recommend it enough.”

Zachary Keighley

Tradesman, Byron Bay

“Making the decision to do EFT with Teddy was easily the most confronting yet rewarding decision I have made. She was professional yet personal, empathetic and clear. We were pinpointing, unravelling and healing fears and traumas immediately. I use the term ‘we’ because she works with you, not at you. Although tears flowed and energy was buzzing around my body I felt grounded, safe, alive and light. I have had multiple sessions with Teddy and the freeness you feel covering topics with a 10/10 intensity to be then taken down to a 0 or 1/10 is so special. The techniques are taught to you so you’re forever empowered with the ability to process and free emotions that may be holding you back from being your authentic self. I will never forget my first session when my biggest fear was acknowledged, nurtured, thanked and released. It changed my life in the best way and I will be forever grateful for it.”

Anrielle Hunt

Nurse, Sydney

“Teddi thank you for opening my heart and showing me new ways to heal! from letting go of things from the past that were holding me back, to regaining the Confidence of a Queen! Meeting you was one of the most amazing gifts from the universe! Your one of the most amazing healers Ive ever met, Your energy and smile is so powerful and contagious ~ pure sunshine. Thank you for the universe for making us connect!

I hope more women keep connecting with you so you can help them how you have helped me ~ for anyone interested I highly recommend the courses she offers.”


Artist, California

“when I talk to teddi I feel like I’m wrapped in a beautiful silk blanket, comfy and safe. There is nothing i could say that she would dismiss, i never have to worry about feeling reserved or insecure around her. She was the one who taught me to be transparent, and not care what people think. Its the most valuable lesson I’ve learned ever in my life. I had no idea just how freeing it could be, but it has opened up the world to me and I’m so grateful to this woman.

I had let a close family dilemma consume me, I let it take all of my energy and was left feeling out of control and exhausted. I booked a session with Teddi to balance me out and get to the root of my problem (which stemmed to something and led us places I haven’t thought about in years) after, I felt so much more peaceful. Lighter, yet still grounded. Teddi helped me let go of what I’d taken on, something that wasn’t mine to begin with.

I would reccomend this for Anyone !!! just be ready and open to all emotions. if you’re feeling blocked or stiff or just weighed down by something. Teddi is your gal !!”


Actress, Sydney

“Before Teddy helped me I felt like I was going in the wrong direction, even though I study the thing I always wanted to work with. I felt like my dream wasn’t my dream anymore, and that made me so sad. Because – if my dream isn’t my dream – then what is the purpose of life?

After Teddys help I realized that I can form my future exactly as I want it. Dreams are constantly chancing but my goal isn’t. So even though I felt like my dream isn’t as good as I thought it would be, it’s still okey, because I still know how I want to feel and I can form my dreams as much as I want along the journey of life.

Teddy is a fierce lioness. She spread a lot of love and happiness during all the emotional states you are going through. She listens to you from the bottom of her heart.
Thank you so much Teddi !”


Industrial Designer, Sweden

“Upon meeting Teddy I instantly felt comfortable in her presence. I had heard of tapping before but never experienced it and was curious to try it. I didn’t have a specific ‘problem’ or ‘issue’ to address so we started generally and literally within a few minutes I felt a shift. Teddy’s gentle and supportive questioning uncovered some stuck energy which we proceeded to work on. Not only did we work on that but Teddy gave me tools to use on my own in the future. I was blown away by the experience and felt so relieved after doing the session… I have been telling everyone about tapping since and to go see Teddy! I highly recommend!”

Photographer, Byron Bay

“Before starting tapping sessions with Teddy, I could feel some heavy emotional blocks within me, yet I felt unable to access them. These blocks were directly affecting many aspects of my life, and especially the new business I was launching. Teddy used matrix techniques to pinpoint when and how these blocks had been triggered within me, and together we used tapping to release them. I could feel this working deeply on some old patterns and blocks. The treatment felt powerful, yet also very gentle. Within only 2 sessions I was able to shift and clear so much ‘stuff’ that had been holding me back, and since then I have felt lighter, clearer, and have experienced so many positive shifts within my business as well!!

Thank you, Teddy!!!

With so much love & Gratitude”

Rahoni Hussain

Owner Honesty & Artistry, Mullumbimby

“When I first heard about tapping I was pretty unconvinced. Sure it sounded super cool but it was hard for me to fathom how tapping could actually help rid super deep-rooted issues.

During my first session with Teddy, I was again feeling unsure of exactly how this was going to help me. About half way into it I started relaxing and finding it easier and easier to identify my emotions and feelings with the help of teddy and her guidance.

Towards the end of the session, I literally felt lighter, like I was floating. It was intense, and really cool.

I usually don’t feel much different about the issues that have been worked on immediately after the session, however like an unconscious shift similar to how this all begins, the deep seated issues had subsided. 

I have since done many sessions for differnent subjects. We did Tapping for my high blood pressure and I have since gone to the doctors and gotten healthy results back!

My issues with authority had come to rest and my self respect had increased. I no longer feared flying or had panic attacks.

If I could describe the after effects of tapping I would say that you do still the habitual rise of going into your old patterns, however, the need and drive are no longer there. Which slows things down enough for your brain to process the fact that you don’t need to fall down the rabbit hole again, and everything is completely at peace.

I 100 percent recommend this to everyone” 

Mariah Hearn

Photographer, Byron Bay

“I feel like tapping has set me free and definitely started a movement in my life to move on, to follow my calling, face my fears, forgive, and become that passionate person and giver of love I was born to be. 

I’m very thankful. “

Matt Swan

Musician, Byron Bay

“I found that things came up for me whilst I was tapping with Teddy that was really unexpected that I didn’t realise had impacted on me so much. This is because it wasn’t necessarily anything “major” that would stand out from memory but obviously had been affecting decisions and things happening around me and to me. 

Since having only 2 sessions I have felt a big shift in how I view myself and situations I find myself in with a more

positive view. I am really excited to see what happens in the future.”

Elizabeth Roach

Massage Therapist, Sydney

“I’ve had three successful treatments with Teddy for different issues. Never having tried any sort of tapping before I was surprised how powerful it can be, it’s like a counseling session with yourself and I was taken to places of my subconscious that I had not realised that I had been holding on to. By asking the right questions Teddy took me back to those traumatic experiences to try and reprogram the way I felt about them at that time, to prevent them from continuously resurfacing. Together over the different sessions, we worked through my issues with a relationship break-up, views towards money as well as food addictions. Since the sessions, I have noticed a huge change in my thought processes and emotions towards these issues and have been able to integrate these changes in my daily life effectively. I recommend a tapping session with Teddy to anyone looking to overcome any emotional, physical or mental issues they may be going through. Thank you, Teddy!”

Courtney Healion

Massage Therapist, Byron Bay