Kristin Murray Alexi From Yonilicious 

She is a Sexologist, Yoni Masseuse, Sex Coach who runs online courses, training and women’s circles. 

We talk about what is a Yoni massage, 

What benefits can a women experience from this , tolerating sex and what that can lead to.

The healing that can happen through your yoni and the powerful reclamation of our sexuality happening right now. 

2:00 What happens in a yoni massage

5:15 What’s the benefit of working with pain in the yoni

7:00 What leads to numbness in the Yoni 

12:00 Vaginismus and experiences with Yoni masseuse 

17:00 Self development and the humaneness of our growth 

22:00 De-armouring and whats great to use in doing this practice 

26:00 How to get a Yoni masseuse / become a practitioner 

34:00 The safety in expressing what you want and don’t want