In this episode, I’m chatting with my friend Isabel Cornish who’s an Australian actress seen Puberty Blues and Home and Away.

She is an advocate for health and happiness. An energizer bunny that’s always moving and grooving and beaming strength and positivity into the world, you may have come across her on a festival stage teaching yoga or out there stomping in the dust.

 We talk about her healing journey going into the dark night of the soul, self-inquiry, and really loving yourself through the perceived failure of things, and how this is real self-love. 

Isabel shares her passion for detoxing and looking after the body and her wide knowledge of natural healing ways.

We dive into a little bit more about authenticity and what it REALLY takes & how to really celebrate your weaknesses, revealing some of the challenges that can occur when you can fall into the traps of self-comparison and self-judgment and how to get out of that. So that you can celebrate your weirdness and really don’t give a fuck!

If you like those kinds of things, or you want a little bit more of those kinds of things, then stay tuned for this episode

0:32 True freedom + Expressing your authentic self 

2:01 Struggles and losing oneself + Growth 

4:05 Nature Therapy + Connecting with Mother Earth 

4:46 Divine Symptom + Unwanted habits 

7:07 Rewiring and rebalancing your core and soul 

13:32 Coming back into your center and bring yourself back to your values and beliefs 

16:17 Creating new connections in our mind 

17:56 Removing the negativity and experiencing the beauty of life 

20:50 Importance of detoxing 

23:00 Impacts of getting into the healthy space 

31:51 Finding comfort, love, acceptance, and compassion 

38:08 Overwhelming stress of social media 

46: 30 Finding small ways to integrate your healing journey throughout your lifestyle