Selina has this company that makes hydrogen and it happens to be the highest potent amount in what they call Everest and tablets.

Supercells is the leading company for Hydrogen, having the highest potent amount in the world in a effervescent tablet. Sharing the scientific research surrounding all the health benefits of this product and what it does on a cellular level. Your mind will be blown!

Selina shares not only the research but also what people have personally experienced from using her products. I’m an avid fan of this company, Supercells and have been using the products for years since I met her and have been loving the result

So if you’re interested in any of these topics. Stay tuned to this beautiful episode. ⁣

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5:00 The superpowers of hydrogen + Selina’s journey + Hydrogen’s innate intelligence

6:00 People’s amazing experiences with the product.

7:16 Adrenal fatigue and understanding hydrogen + Coming into the homeostasis state 

8:53 Cellular Health and Selina’s Personal Experiences 

12:51 The tiny little cells in our bodies + What’s the effect of radiation to our cells 

15:10 How social media and technology affects our health 

17:23 How hydrogen helps in producing energy for our bodies 

18:40 All about biohacking, the fastest and most efficient way 

20:13  What is hydroxyl radical and why is it the most damaging free radicals that causes aging and diseases 

21:32 Going back to nature and the universe to see what our bodies can recognize and use efficiently

24:36  How does supercell products work with other products

28:36 Discovering what your body actually needs

34:01 Being true to yourself + Pursuing your mission 

38:40 Self worth and self love process + Freeing ourselves from the negativity

44:40 Supercells special offer