In this episode, I’m talking with Gina Frances. She’s a women’s transformational guide whose all about womb based business. What is that? We dive into the world of wombs and with Gina we explore your very own secret weapon by understanding your cycle. 

We cover everything from missing periods and painful periods and what it’s revealing as well as how to heal. Before uncovering how syncing your cycle with what you’re doing in life, especially in business truly unlocks superpowers.

We chat about how society has actually been set up more for a man than a woman. Because of this, we’re more likely to burnout – but don’t worry you can avoid it!

So, if you’re interested in learning about your cycle, learning about how to create in ease and flow and maximize your energy, stay tuned for this amazing episode.

3:00 Missing periods + Painful periods, what it’s revealing and how to heal 

5:07 Connecting the body and the womb through sensual movements + Journey of bringing back period naturally 

9:54 Understanding your body and connecting with your womb space

11:55 Connecting more of the feminine esscence and opening the portal creativity

14:24 Stepping into your own path and creating your own vision 

18:00 Navigating your inner seasons + Working with the moon and the its phases 

24:00 Understanding your menstrual cycle and how do you bring that into business 

36:00 PMS + Moving through your emotions and powerful transformations 

42:56 Saying yes to the path of womb healing 

45:47 Supporting women and activating their confidence 

50:46 Benefits of lymphatic massage and dearmouring