I love this episode with Freya Haley , Freya is inspirational young woman who has taken a stand for self love, doing retreats, intuitive healing, sharing so much wisdom on her youtube + insty accounts , Freya shows up in her vulnerability and rawness all the time and is a beautiful reminder to play.

Go check her accounts out I know you will be inspired by the 60s-70s yummy romantic aestethics and be inspired by her messages.

In this episode we discuss empowerment from rage and defensive as a protection or allowing the self to be safe in softness

The journey of balance in life.

The dark night of the soul, feeling the wounds and moving forward from there gently…and the sweet reward that’s there

Talk about what self love really is , not when I do this , when I’m successful have my shit together , its loving myself in the mess with flaming red eyes

Self talk and how to deal with the inner bully.

We go into jealousy and some ways to alchemise it and reframe it.

Celebrating who we are and being raw and real – giving ourself permission to be who we are , in the moment, where ever we are at.

5:00 Movement medicine leading to empowerment

9:00 Equilibrium in life

11:00 What self love really is

17:00 Jealousy and how to alchemise it

30:00 Cosmic camp and celebrating what we are here to do

33:00 The paradox of awakening