Lucette is the creatress of The Wylde a beautiful natural organic plant dyes label we go into the decision behind creating a natural clothing brand.

How a parasite was a catalyst that leads to becoming an entrepreneur and having a conscious brand.

We discuss the impact of toxic chemicals in dyes and materials on our hormone system.

We go into what it’s like to have a brand and the work that goes into and some key things to know before diving into one yourself.

Lucette shares incite into what it’s like being in the modeling influencers space and the negative impacts it can have. Not only on others but for the women doing it.

1:00 Our skin absorbs everything and the realization of wearing plastic clothing impacts our health

2.50 The impacts of having toxic dyes and materials on our health

6:00 Microplastics and the impact on the earth

14:00 Sexualized attention through social media

19:00 Normalizing bodies & stripping back identities

22:00 Insta hoe and the impacts it can have

31:00 What caused the shift

40:00 What it’s really like to have a business

54:00 New paradigm business