We talk about spiritual awakenings, identity breakdowns and rebuilding beliefs, what the stars are saying about revolutions in 2020.

How astrology is the why, the lesson the empowerment behind our lives not a future fortune teller.

Discovering your personal energetic signature , the initiations and how to navigate them with more ease.

If your ready to learn more about energy cosmos and grow in compassion then dive in with us.

3:14 Rebuilding self worth after beliefs crumble.

5:49 Whats happening astrologically this year.

10:00 The gift in whats happening right now globally. 

12:00 Reprogramming around survival.

14:40 Way and techniques to move through energies , checking your personal chart to understand how you need support. 

18:00 Personal birth charts and how this show you what personally will need to redefine – giving you awareness of what your initiations will be.

23:00 Showing the universe your self worth.

34 :00 How astrology can support with self worth , growth , authenticity.