I’m Teddi Emerald

I show amazing free spirited woman all over the world struggling with crippling self doubt, fear of what others think and constant comparison, who are caught up in their head and missing out on their life’s opportunities how to be confident in their bodies, freely express themselves, so that they joyfully creating the life they desire!

I am a Women’s Empowerment Healer , Host of the The T-Pod Teddi Emerald Podcast, founder of Body Bang Bang – Body Confidence Program and Confidence of a Queen – Empowerment Program.

Empowered women Empower Women! – make this pink script slightly bigger if need be but not too crazy

Having journeyed through this myself, I teach what REALLY works and get results. I’m passionate about all women reclaiming and creating confidence and self worth.

As an expert in these areas, I work with the woman who is at any stage in her life that’s lacking in true inner confidence and ready to do something about it now!

The woman will walk away with a deeper knowledge and understanding of herself, the confidence to be seen as her true self, wear that bikini, drop it like its hot on the dance floor, say no guilt FREE , shine bright as the Queen she is.

How this works is through working 1 on 1 with me for a 2, 4 or 8 month period or enrolling into one of the 2 programs I run, or even attending one of my world-class workshops or retreats with Sally Mustang.

My passion lies in supporting and inspiring women to truly OWN THEIR TRUE SELVES and REMEMBER THEIR WORTH, and nothing lights me up more than cheering you on!

My Story


Six years ago, I was the manager of a surf shop and I thought I would always work for someone else, I didn’t allow myself to dream bigger to risk disappointment. I called this being “realistic”. I had almost no self-esteem and I believed all the things that happened to me were out of my control. My self-worth was tied to experiences I couldn’t change, which felt hopeless. When a friend suggested EFT Tapping to me, I tried it just to see if it might help.

It did. Dramatically.

And not only did it improve my life, I began to flourish! My life did a 180 degrees turn around and changed direction completely.

I felt better about myself then I had in years, things just seemed to fall into place for me, I went on the do the creative things I dreamed of setting up brands shops at festivals like Splendour in the Grass and Fall Fest, Photoshoots, Art Shows, I even took on my own business, Trash Vintage!. The most colourful vintage shop in Byron Bay!