About Teddi

My name is Teddi and I’m passionate about being a facilitator for transformation! Not long ago I would have asked, “What does that even mean?”


Good question!


Six years ago, I was the manager of a surf shop and I thought I would always work for someone else, I didn’t allow myself to dream bigger to risk disappointment. I called this being “realistic”. I had almost no self-esteem and I believed all the things that happened to me were out of my control. My self-worth was tied to experiences I couldn’t change, which felt hopeless. When a friend suggested EFT Tapping to me, I tried it just to see if it might help.

It did. Dramatically.

And not only did it improve my life, I began to flourish! My life did a 180 degrees turn around and changed direction completely. 

I felt better about myself then I had in years, things just seemed to fall into place for me, I went on the do the creative things I dreamed of, I even took on my own business, Trash Vintage. I know ALL of this came about because I did the work on myself and changed my beliefs.

I couldn’t wait to show other people what was possible, so easily and quickly!  I fell in love with helping showing people how to transform their lives the way EFT Tapping transformed mine and now have seen many peoples lives change after doing healing programs with me.

Of course, my passion evolved to include other modalities and tools, including Iridology and Health Coaching, Matrix Re-imprinting, NLP, Inner child work, Past life regression and the way I nourished my body. Everything I investigated that affected my overall happiness, I share.


I am still practicing self-love using all the tools I learned six years ago (and many more!). My daily world now consists of yoga (though I’m the least flexible yogi you’ve ever seen!), coaching clients back to confidence , expression & vitality, and creating magick at Trash Vintage.


Working together, you get support from me using powerful tools like EFT Tapping and Matrix Re-imprinting. I chose these methods because they changed my life and, quite simply, because they work. Whether you’re sitting near me in Byron Bay, Australia or you’re a gypsy traveling the world, technology allows for us to work together anywhere!