Teddi is an international speaker and facilitator of women’s empowerment.

Working with thousands of women all over the world, igniting Confidence at Workshops & Festivals as well as Self Love retreats alongside Sally Mustang.

Host of the The T-Pod Teddi Emerald Podcast and Creatress of Online Programs Body Bang Bang – Body Confidence Program & Confidence of a Queen – Embody & Own Your Queendom.

If you’re ready to activate more confidence now and step into the next level version of you, look below for some options.

If you’re curious about something not listed, get in contact with me.

Work 1:1 with me

When we heal ourselves
our WHOLE world shifts!

This is why I’m passionate about supporting other free spirited women in healing and stepping into more confidence.

I’ve seen this over and over again with my clients. Once they ignite that inner spark, they are unstoppable. Taking action on their dreams, putting themselves out there, being more creative, being more wild, and having so much fun along the way!

I share not only tools and techniques around internal inner world emotional and mental healing, energy medicine practices, ancient and modern techniques, but also bringing in the physical practices for healing and how to read your body and support your system on a whole to accelerate healing on all levels.

In a Personal Healing Program, I will tailor exactly what you need to release what’s holding you back. So that you can accelerate and step into what you’re desiring.

  • Connect with yourself on a deeper level, finding more self love & acceptance.

  • Expand your sense of self and power. Feeling Confident in who you are.

  • Effortlessly express yourself.

  • Ignite that flame within. Radiantly shine from the inside out!

Working with me varies greatly on what YOU’RE needing. Parts of this program includes video calls, practical tools and exercises, emotional healing, tapping and could include Hypnosis and other EPIC surprises.

When working 1:1, I have found it’s best to commit to a time period that allows you to be held and supported through the whole process, and therefore I work mainly in packages of 1-3 months.If you are interested in working together please apply below, I will send you a time to connect further.

I often have a waitlist to work with me 1:1 as I only work with a few people.
Please wait for when I get back to you, I haven’t forgotten!

Ready to work with Teddi?

I LOVE doing sessions with my girl Teddi, I needed it more then I thought!
I felt emotional and sporadic, but after working together and moving emotions I felt amazing! I feel a complete sense of clarity.
I cant wait for my next session.

-Mimi Elashiry
Dancer + Influencer

“I recommend Teddi so often I feel I am always talking about her!

Teddi has a beautiful way of gently uncovering core issues that she empowers you to resolve… The effects of my EFT sessions with her have blown me away and I can honestly say they were life changing. I have increased self awareness, more confidence and generally a more positive mindset. Teddi is such an inspiration in how she lives her life and I love how she shares her knowledge with such integrity and vulnerability. Teddi is such a treasure!”

-Jodi Plumbley
Boudoir Photographer

I saw Teddi on the Sally Mustang Self Love Reatreat and she has a gift I cannot explain.

Before I had my session with Teddi, I was unsure on what to expect. I can’t say I fully understand the spiritual world and how energies and healings work – and Teddi was very reassuring and understanding of this.

The session most definitely took me out of the physical world and helped me to understand things in my mind on another level. When the session was over, I had been so deep into a part of my mind I had never been I can honestly say I had forgotten what my surroundings were. I was surprised to find I was in this beautiful area of Bali and what Teddi looked like – I had been in such a deep state of emotional and spiritual healing.

Teddi and I discussed the session straight after in a conscious / converse manner in which most definitely helped me understand what it was I had just involved myself with.

Teddi showed me the power of tapping and it’s usefulness of everyday life. I came back to my home in Melbourne feeling empowered and ready to take on the issues I had left behind before going to the retreat and ready to take control of my life. I use tapping mildly in life – for no particular reason other than comfort and a reminder of my strength to endure my problems – both small and large.

-Amanda Burelli

I just finished Teddi’s Confidence of a Queen program and I wanted to share how incredibly powerful and informative it was.

Teddi has an amazing energy that enlightens you just through her presence. Teddi has been such a powerful teacher because you can feel her authenticity and loving nature in every interaction.

I’ve always struggled with embracing my individuality and my authentic self. I sometimes struggle with social anxiety and I have a lot of fear around speaking out in a group. This program addressed all of this and shifted a lot of it!! It uncovered a lot of what has been holding me back and why I have these fears etc. I strongly believe and can see that EFT is an incredibly effective way to reprogramme your beliefs and literally change your life, if you use it consistently and engage in the stretches of the program. The program really pushed me out of my comfort zone and allowed me to identify where my fears are. I learnt so so much about myself and also learnt soo much about the Universe, energy, emotion, feelings, thoughts. It’s really special engaging in a group in such a vulnerable way and being in a safe space for women to really be themselves and let everything out.

This program was just the beginning in my self love journey. You really can get soo much out of this program and if you’re struggling with confidence, self worth, self doubt and limiting beliefs this is for you!!

-Kirsti Philpott

I have been trying to think of ways to translate how different my life has been since doing your tapping course. When I reached out for your guidance, there was no way I was expecting the results to be this drastic!!

I literally just thought I had more potential academically and wanted to get rid of my brain fog – but there were so many areas of my life that needed improving that I couldn’t even see. It’s funny when you first mentioned the confidence course you invited me to, I thought to myself “I don’t really need this, I am confident”, and now that I reflect on it, this could not have been further from the truth! I was confident playing the role of a completely different person, a person who people pleased, sought out instant validation, was afraid to speak out, to take up space and tied my worth to external achievements. Now, a year later, I have never felt more myself! I am uncovering layers and layers of myself, sorting through who I am and who I became for others/society. It is sad at times when I see old friends who are still stuck in the same mindset that I was (worrying about weight/what others think of them/how they’re not enough etc), I want to scream at them that they need to invest in themselves because it feels suffocating even being around people who have the limiting beliefs that I used to have. The old me would’ve tried to play the hero role so that I felt needed, but now that I feel enough I simply lead by example, and in leading by my example a lot of people have fallen out of my life. Which is completely fine! because the people in my life right now make me feel fucking great! not going to lie, I am still definitely working through my beliefs around money, but I am hopeful because I know I have the tools to try and create a better relationship with it.

My heart is filled with so much gratitude when I think of your influence in my life and how pivotal that course was. I will never stop investing in my personal development and self growth. Thank you for being such a great teacher and example, you are truly inspiring.

-Bella Laifoo