I work with people all over the world, from facilitating workshops at festivals and retreats to doing healing sessions whether personal or group.

If your wanting to do a session, no matter where you are in the world all you will need is a good internet connection and we can do it online.

These are a few options I have available, if there is something else your curious about please let me know by getting in contact with me.

Group Sessions



Do you and a few people you know have similar blocks around money, relationships, addictions, self sabotage ? 

Share a group tapping session to release similar themes. You all receive borrowing benefits when working together which creates big shifts for everyone!

Group tapping is a wonderful way to work through blocks that we all face, eg: blocks around money. This can range anywhere from discomfort in recieving money for services, unable to save money, fear of money or discomfort with it, being in a state of scarcity etc.

EFT can also be used to tap away any blocks we have surrounding the things we want to manifest and attract into our lives. For instance you may be manifesting say a epic holiday into your life but deep down your belief is that you have to work hard and you dont deserve to be happy… its going to be hard for the universe to give you what you say you want when your belief and emotions are saying the opposite. When we are in alignment with what we say, think and feel we will be in the right vibrational match to recieve it!

There are a host of topics to be covered yo yo dieting,drinking / smoking addictions,decluttering, fears of flying,spiders,water, putting yourself out there,public speaking, the list goes on…

If you have any enqueries or would like to organise a group tapping event please get in contact with me.